Brand building in a virtual world

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Amazon will make brand building even more important than ever

Some people believe that as Amazon disrupts the shopping experience, it’s also going to disrupt brand building – to the extent that it could destroy the perceived value created by brands marketing efforts.

Believers point to Amazon’s shopping experience and the shift of the First Moment of Truth from a store shelf to a screen.

  1. On Amazon, there is no physical store where end cap displays, and marketing promotions can persuade a shopper.
  2. On Amazon, all the investment to develop premium looking and feeling packaging is relegated to 2D thumbnails.
  3. Amazon does all the “mental legwork” for the shopper by making suggestions based on price, ratings and reviews, and purchase history. How influential is a brand’s advertising in this new reality?
  4. If Alexa becomes the household’s personal shopper (as Amazon hopes it will), consumers won’t even be looking at screens when ordering; there won’t even be a “virtual shelf” anymore.
  5. And finally, the nail in the coffin: automated repeat purchasing. “Alexa, order another pack of my usual AA batteries.”

Sounds pretty grim, right?

But maybe it’s what our industry needs. Because today’s shopping environment makes for what I’d call “lazy marketing”. We compete in an environment where if we don’t get into her shopping basket this month, we turn up the GRP’s and battle for a spot next month. In today’s world, we drum up marketing hocus pocus like “New & Improved” flags and “Mango Tango” scent line extensions. We market like the moment of truth is s a low stakes game.

Meanwhile, Amazon is turning those moments into a high stakes game. If consumers move to a “set & forget” (automated) purchase behaviour, it will be even more critical to build brands that become the top of mind/intuitive choice in its category. Amazon will force marketers to sharpen brand building.

We know that people’s “life-change” moments have always been a point of brand and category consideration. I believe these will be the high-stakes moments in an Amazon-future. New job? Just moved homes? Welcoming a baby? Going bald? All at the same time? (That’d be one rough week). Those are the moments when brands need to be crystal clear what they stand for. The toothpaste for “Brilliant Smiles”. The diaper that “protects baby’s sleep”. And the deodorant that’ll help that pimply faced tween “Smell like a man.”

These are exciting times and nobody knows the future for certain, but as the shopping landscape continues to change, the stakes for winning and losing will grow. This means our brand building must get sharper, and we must stay the course on what our brands stand for, so we can win those increasingly infrequent but valuable moments of truth.

Alexa, can you re-order me another tube of that anti-itch cream?

Source:  Chris Chan – Google

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