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Diclofenac most users

Anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac was also in 2016 the drug package with the most users, followed by the antibiotic amoxicillin. Both drugs are typically used a short period, so that the average use is limited per year. Colecalciferol (vitamin D3) 2016 saw the largest increase in number of users. The SFK report this week in the pharmaceutical journal.

The top 10 of package medicines with the most users has hardly changed in 2016. On the first and second place are, as in 2015, the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac with over 1.2 million users, and the antibiotic amoxicillin with nearly 1.2 million users. As in 2015 decreased by diclofenac also the number of users last year. There were 88,000 fewer than in 2015, which diclofenac was through in 2016 with the largest decrease in the number of users.
In line with the recommendation to prescribe naproxen rather than diclofenac – because of cardiovascular side effects at high doses – increase the number of users of the former agent in 2016 by more than 50,000 to 700,000. This number, however, still remains a piece behind that of diclofenac.

Source: January 26, 2017, pharmaceutical journal, Volume 152 No. 4

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