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  • Consumer focus helps Similasan climb

    A consumer-centric approach, a focus on brand development, and an emphasis on retailer education and promotion have helped Similasan jump up two places in just under a year to become the third-biggest eye-care brand in the Netherlands. People were “beginning to feel more comfortable with natural products” when it comes to those used to treat and care for such an important part of the body as the eyes”.

    Due to an ageing population, increased air pollution and increased “screen time”, there was consumer demand for solutions to treat and care for specific eye problems. Similasan’s range of eye drops and sprays were attractive to consumers as they met their needs. In January 2014 Similasan was reintroduced to the Dutch market.

    As part of its relaunch plan, Similasan’s new proposition had included an emphasis on the brand’s history as a market leader and a more ‘premium’ positioning, including refreshed silver packaging and a broader product range. There had also been a price increase to reflect this.

    The brand had entered all the “big segments” in the eye-care market over the past 12 months to cater for the wide range of consumer eye-care requirements. The Similasan eye-care line now included options for Red Eye (Nr 1), Itchy Eye (Nr 2), and Dry Eye, and a recently-launched Computer Eye range.

    The Computer Eye range – which comprised drops, single-use ‘monodose’ droppers and a ‘two-in-one’ spray – had been “specifically developed to moisturise and quickly relieve sore, tired, strained and aching eyes as a result of intense computer or office work.

  • The products were also for use after long periods of ‘screen time’, as well as reading, writing and night driving.

    Similasan’s relaunch plan had also included “smarter marketing” and a promise to retailers that the firm would “shake up” the eye-care category, including helping to grow the market by 20%.

    Since the launch of Similasan, the category has grown from around €5 million to just over €7 million. “Many new brands and line extensions were launched onto the market, the growth was driven collectively. Most recent figures from Nielsen show that Similasan’s rate of growth is at 72% versus the market growth rate of 30.1%.

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